Protein Methods Development Kit

The Protein Methods Development Kit is designed for use on the PA 800 Plus and contains coated capillaries, buffers, standards, and markers that allow for you to optimize a separation method for the analysis of a broad spectrum of proteins by their mass/charge characteristics. The use of a “neutral” separation capillary minimizes the adsorption of proteins to the capillary surface and protects against hydrophobic interactions with the surface, improving the overall efficiency and resolution of the proteins being separated. This kit provides reagent volumes for analysis of 100 samples and includes: • Neutral Capillary, 50 µm, (1) • Orange G Reference Marker, 0.1% aqueous solution, 1 mL • Histamine Reference Marker, 1% aqueous solution, 1 mL • Citrate Buffer, pH 3, 50 mM, 100 mL • Citrate/MES Buffer, pH 6, 50 mM, 100 mL • Tricine Buffer, pH 8, 20 mM, 100 mL • Protein Test Mix, (1) • Lysozyme, 1 mg • Ribonuclease A, 1 mg • Cytochrome C, 3 mg

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