CZE Rapid Charge Variant Analysis Kit

SCIEX CZE Rapid Charge Variant Analysis Kit provides all of the necessary reagents to analyze a molecule’s charge variants based on its mobility. This method provides a fast, powerful separation used to quantify charge variants with a buffer that serves as both a separation matrix and dynamic coating for a bare fused silica capillary. In addition, no sample dilution buffer is required; simply dilute the sample in water and you are ready for your separation. CZE Rapid Charge Variant Analysis Kit P/N C44790: CZE Rapid Charge Variant Separation Buffer, 125 mL Acid Wash/Regenerating Solution, 100 mL CE Grade Water (H2O), 140 mL Protein Test Mix, 1 vial. Promotional Pricing Ends August 1st, 2020

£ 317.10

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